To be released in March, 2018

Publisher: Park Row Books: a Division of Harlequin/ Harper Collins

A delightfully charming debut novel about self-discovery and second chances. 

Norbert Zelenka has always lived life on the sidelines. At seventy-three years old he finds himself broke and alone except for the company of a Chihuahua. But when Carlotta’s Club—three strong-willed seniors with a flair for drama and plenty of time on their hands—decide to make Norbert their latest project, he reluctantly agrees to their scheme. With their help, he establishes himself as the town’s fortune-teller, and he soon finds his life changing in unexpected ways.

It turns out that years of observing other people’s dramas make Norbert an excellent fortune-teller, and people from all walks of life begin seeking out his advice. As Norbert’s lonesome world expands with new friendships and a newfound self-confidence, he finally finds himself in a place where he belongs. But disaster looms on the horizon. When a troubled young woman goes missing after a bad reading, Norbert must find a strength beyond the cards to bring her home safely.

A heartfelt story of friendship, loneliness and coming-of-age late in life, The Reluctant Fortune-Teller is a feel-good read and a poignant reminder that we’re never too old to learn new tricks.