Norbert Reads the Cards for Author, Lucy Burdette

Lucy and Ron

 Lucy with Lorenzo (aka Ron), the tarot card reader in her Key West food critic mystery series. The eighth book, DEATH ON THE MENU, will be on bookshelves August 7!

Lucy Burdette, author of the Key West food critic mysteries, shuffled the deck in Florida and sent this photo of her “horseshoe spread” for Norbert, the protagonist of The Reluctant Fortune-Teller, to interpret.

Lucy’s question:

How will I take my writing to the next level?

Norbert’s reading:

We begin with two strong women: the Queen of Diamonds and the Queen of Spades. The first is social and outgoing. The second is more quiet and perceptive. Hopefully they get along well, or it could be a real battle of wills between the two of them. The Queen of Spades would always win, though. “Still waters run deep” is an expression that applies to her.

Going even deeper with that, I wonder if these two Queens could represent your two different writer-selves—one who writes one kind of book, and one who writes something very different?

Next, you have the Ace of Spades, a card of great power. It shows an important shift. It is the end of one chapter and the beginning of new one.

The Ten of Spades signifies a new beginning as well, so I think we can say that your writing is definitely about to go in a brand new direction.

Here, you have the Seven of Clubs. Be on the lookout for an important new relationship. There is someone who would like to know you better!

The Five of Hearts tells you that you are safe as you contemplate this change. You are aligned with your higher self and flying high.

And here you finish with another powerful card: the Ace of Diamonds. This indicates that you have the power of the magician, the talent to create something out of nothing. Honor your talent.

All in all, it looks like this is a very important moment in your writing. I cannot wait to see what you will write next!

Lucy’s comment: I love Norbert’s reading! I sure hope he’s right!



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