Will There Be a Sequel?


Photo credit: Tom Davy

That’s the most common (and frankly, the most delightful) question I get when I talk with book groups and when I read emails from readers who enjoyed The Reluctant Fortune-Teller.

And now I can answer: Yes! And the next book about Norbert and his friends in Gibbons Corner is coming soon!

I will tell you that this one is mainly Carlotta’s book. It’s about how she gets her comeuppance (finally) for trying to manage everyone all the time. A bizarre stranger comes to town and turns Carlotta’s life upside down, another stranger–a nine-year-old foster child–also comes to town, and teaches Carlotta some life lessons.

There are still some scenes to add, but we’re almost there. I’d thought the sequel was all set to go. But as I’ve spoken with readers, I’ve realized that the common thread is always, “We want more from Norbert.” No one has said they want more from Carlotta! And understandably so. Norbert’s so much nicer. And yet, it’s the Carlottas of the world who bring the spice and the laughter, who set the plots ticking. Granted, I prefer my Carlottas in fiction, and not in real life.

So, here they come: Carlotta, Norbert, Margaret, Birdie, Summer and Hope, to have more adventures, to learn and to grow, and in so doing, (I certainly hope!) to give you some laughter and enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Will There Be a Sequel?

  1. Love your book. Had hoped to start a book club at the bookstore where I volunteer/work but we are moving to a new location (what a job that is!) so we’ve been too busy for now. So excited about the new book. I will be sure to review it as I know how important that is for authors!


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